Get your message in the right hands.Postcards

Postcards are effective yet affordable targeted marketing pieces that quickly convey key messages and offers to key prospects and customers. Whether you want to advertise a promotion, deliver an announcement, say thank you, or simply promote your brand, we can help you design and create a memorable postcard that will land right in the hands of the people you want to reach. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, consider including a promotional product with your next mailing or printing with variable data.

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Goodbye, inbox. Hello, mailbox.

A properly run direct mail program with a strong call to action is a great way to advertise.

Minuteman Press has the equipment and experience necessary to help your mailing project succeed. We can handle your mailing needs whether you want to mail postcards, or letters folded and inserted into standard or window envelopes, we can also include a reply envelope. in your mailing.

Whether you want to reach a precise group or a specific territory, we have the data resources to handle it. If you have a mailing list, we can incorporate it into a mailing piece for you. We use postal-approved software to cost-effectively mail your materials. And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can customize your direct mail pieces for each individual with variable data printing.

Top 8 Tips for an Effective Direct Mail Campaign:

1. The 40/40/20 Rule

The 40/40/20 rule of direct marketing is that 40% of a successful campaign will come from your mail list. 40% will depend on how compelling your offer is and the remaining 20% will come from everything else (design, copy, delivery date timeliness, etc)

2. The List

Knowing who your audience is a key factor in determining the success rate of a direct mail campaign. Who will you be mailing to? Are you using an in-house customer list or are you buying or renting a list based on demographics to targeted consumers or businesses? We can assist you in selecting the mail-list based on numerous demographic and location-based criteria.

3. The Offer

What will make your audience take action once they receive your mailing? We recommend a value-added offer as part of your mailing, it could be a sale, ora coupon, with a limited time offer to encourage your audience to act now on your mailing. We also recommend using a special code so you can track the response rate of the mailing campaign

4. The Design

Your mailing needs to stand out from all of the other mail the recipient receives. A great design will help your mail piece get noticed. We can work with your print-ready design or our in-house designers can custom design your mailing for you.

5. Personalization

Use personalization to give the prospect the impression the mail piece was sent directly to them, not just part of a large bulk mail program With our variable data capabilities, we can personalize each mail piece with customer-specific data whether it be using their name in the body of a letter or other data points you may have specific to each customer.

6. Choose the right medium for your mailing

Will your audience respond better to a sales letter, postcard, brochure, or greeting card?

7. Test the Market

Many companies have wasted a fair amount of money advertising because they did not test their market. Before you launch a larger direct mail campaign we recommend you test it with smaller campaigns. You can test different lists, different offers, and different creative designs, track the response rates, and re-invest money into the ones that generated the highest response rates.

8. Follow up

Following up on your mailing is often ignored, and could be the difference-maker in a successful or unsuccessful campaign. We recommend you follow up on your direct mail with the additional mailing as well as phone calls and emails. Statistically, it takes 6-10 impressions to get a prospect to act and become a customer. An impression could be a mailing, phone calls, or internets ads the prospect sees on-line, as well as referrals and face to face meetings. We offer Dynamic Direct Mail to help get your message and offer in front of your clients in multiple ways as well as simplify the tracking of who saw your offer and if they took actions such as visiting your web site or calling you for more information.